Be heard for what you say,
not who you are.

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A Better Way To Be Friends

Chrends are chatrooms with real friends and people who share your interests.
Your true identity is never shown, empowering meaningful and honest conversations, without revealing who you are.

  • Your words count

    In Chrends it's what you say that's important, not who you are.

  • Real friendships

    Chat with both like-minded strangers and real-life friends while masking your identity.

  • Chat with the World

    This community cares about what you think, even if you live on opposite sides of the world.

  • No real-names

    Chat using a screen-name to keep your real identity hidden.

  • Secure Communication

    All communications in and out of Chrends is encrypted and secure.

  • Personal Data Optional

    Share as much or as little about you as you want. Chrends can even be used with zero personal data. We're an app that respects you.

The instant messenger for your honest opinion

  • Be a chrendsetter

    Create a chatroom, set the topic and share your thoughts openly with everyone who joins.

  • Build a following

    You can chat privately or in large groups. Chrends is the perfect app for sharing the things you can't with your other Instant Messengers

  • Stream videos & media

    Share media with other users and with built-in video streaming, you don't need to wait for long downloads to complete.


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